eMRP (Electronic Medical Record Publishing)

We create products that enable real-time analysis of information from electronic health records (EHRs) that is seamlessly integrated with data from any other source. eMRP transforms the way EHR data is researched, examined and archived.


Are you looking for an advanced EHR solution that systematically maintains and archives clinical data and makes it accessible to clinicians and administrators through a simple, powerful graphical interface?

Manuh Solutions’ eMRP can meet your most challenging requirements.

eMRP is an innovative cloud-based application that provides a single point of access to all your historical clinical and research data. eMRP provides a longitudinal view of clinical data derived from multiple systems that comprise the historical EHR and associated research systems.

  • eMRP maintains the data integrity of audit trails
  • eMRP offers an intuitive flowsheet view and customizable interface
  • eMRP augments historical data with current information in real time

Do you need eMRP?

eMRP plays a critical role for

  • Medical Record Archiving of data in legacy EHR systems to meet clinical, administrative, and regulatory needs after changing EHR systems
  • Single or multi-site hospital system data migration from one EHR system to another
  • Single or multi-site hospital system that needs to integrate information from differing inpatient and outpatient EHR systems

Benefits of eMRP

Continuity of patients' health status & care

The ability to link your existing EHR to eMRP allows seamless access to all the information needed for patient care, regardless of which system initially contained the information.

Accessing data that cannot be migrated to the new EHR

eMRP follows novel and proven concepts of migrating the data from legacy EHRs while maintaining all transactions and discrete data elements. This allows our customers to sunset the legacy EHR but maintain access to all historical data at a much lower cost.

Legal requirements for record retention

eMRP makes sure that no information is ever lost, regardless of the EHR provider selected yesterday, today, or tomorrow. It allows comprehensive access to historical data, including complete transactions, discrete data elements (documents, laboratory values, encounter information, etc.)and satisfies Federal and State laws governing data retention.

Longitudinal reporting

eMRP facilitates longitudinal reporting across legacy systems and primary care systems and across inpatient and outpatient environments.


eMRP maintains a HIPAA compliant audit trail of access to the legacy EHR.

Avoid Maintaining two EHRs

eMRP facilitates retiring the legacy EHR after changing EHR providers, while providing continuous access to any data stored in the legacy EHR. It meets regulatory and legal obligations, such as discovery and medical record requests, and reduces licensing & maintenance costs and data center needs of the legacy EHR.

Easy Integration

In addition to providing real-time access to data from the primary EHR, eMRP facilitates archiving of your legacy document management systems such as Kofax® , AppXtender™ , SoftMed™ , CAMM™ etc. because it serves as a single solution for access to all legacy information.


eMRP maintains the complete legacy medical record and allows visualization of the complete lifecycle of the recorded events with all the details that existed at each point in the source EHR.

Data Security and One-Click Access

Using eMRP’s secure Application Interface, one can access the historical medical record directly from your primary EHR.